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 Aug 23, 2009 - 8:13 am

Title: ;)

 Nov 13, 2007 - 8:48 pm

Title: Goodbye


All good things must come to an end... this is a small way for me to say good bye to all of those who have been awesome in the year or two that I played intensively.

AAT 0.10 was a blast. So was 0.11. and 1.14. Etc. But the community.. it's only a former shadow of what it once was. Believe it or not, but my eyes are actually clouding up.

It's almost hard to justify making these friends, having this fun, with the sadness that I encounter knowing that all of these people will move on, and I will never speak to them again. Chances are, if they did see me on the street, they wouldn't know me - Even if I walked up and introduced myself. Don't bother adding me to MSN, we'll just have an awkward conversation and then never talk again.

I've been clinging to the thought that I could return one day, but return to what?

What will you guys do? What are your hopes? Dreams? Accomplishments? Will you be rich, or fall by the wayside? How, when, where, and why?

My only regret? That I could not remain a carefree teenager for longer, to play the game, to enjoy the game.

And I still never figured out who Tradekiller was. Bastard.

 Jul 4, 2007 - 5:40 am

Title: AATCon

So yeah, me and Wraith/Alf's ex-student met up at a LAN I ran. Unfortunately we didn't get to play any AAT but it was good.

The LAN was great, redbull chicks turned up, we were on the national radio, Steelseries sent hundreds of bucks worth of prizes from Denmark all the way to new zealand...

So yeah.

AATCon 1 happened two weeks ago. Ya missed it!

 May 6, 2007 - 10:57 am

Title: Hmm funky.

Looks like I missed out on the tourney. Not that fussed, because I'm short on time.

Incidentally, Langel, I actually cracked up when I read this:

"8. Neon,.. oh neon! he's still around!

Haha, neon has been selling eve online timecodes,.. but i'm setting up an online adult shop with a friend in the next few months *crosses fingers* just so that i can get trade prices for the things i use!"

The reason I cracked up was I imagined ROWS and ROWS of adult toys lined up. Would be fun for those of the opposite sex I suppose. Incidentally, come to NZ! Great place here, and yes, there are singaporeans around here; lots of asians. I actually just got back from Japan a few weeks ago. Awesome place. I want to go stay there for a few months next year.

Incidentally, if any of you AAT folks want to chat to me, please feel free to spam me via the contact methods:


 May 1, 2007 - 5:04 am

Title: *Scratches Head*

Blast from the past.

If you guys have wondered what I've been up to, I've been starting up my own online store selling Eve Online timecodes. Also the LAN party which I may have mentioned awhile ago... last party clocked 70 people and sold out completely a week before the event.

I have little to no time, and I'm very rusty, but SPAR7AN begged me to return for this tourney so I figured I may as well be some cannon fodder

 Dec 25, 2006 - 5:59 am

Title: Keeping Turns - Foolish?

I have been playing on certain AAT servers(rather small ones, sadly) to refine my gameplay. There is a large difference between 0.21 and 0.30 but some things I've noticed recently still hold value:

If you have 100 turns available, and you are in the inital stages of building up your first planet and deriving income from this planet, then it is logical to, instead of trading, burn every single turn possible to get the colos on the planet fast, because these colos reproduce to make more, etc.

EG. Burning 100 turns via trading, lets say it earns you 20m
However, 100 turns via colonising, would then earn you 20m over a period of a day.

However, you make off with those colos, the colos they made, and the money they will produce later on. I believe that the game is divided up into stages. Many believe that the trading stage happens only in the beginning. However, I think that this transitions into building way faster than previously thought.

 Jun 8, 2006 - 11:31 pm

Title: Nav Computer - A better implementation

I've been sitting on this idea for over a year, but everytime I've explained it to PJ or Tarnus, it never went anywhere. I would implement this as a module in 0.3, but seeing as there's no released version, I can't actually DO anything with the concept.

I'm writing it up here to do the following things:
1. Establish my claim to the idea(Yeah, I like to be rewarded for ideas)
2. Provide a reference for a dev to implement in the next version

Here's how it goes:

The current version of the Nav Computer, as I understand it, takes the start sector, and scans all the links going off of it for the dest. sector. You end up with a branching tree structure, which, assuming EVERY sector has 2 links, can be quite hard on the database, since the whole thing has to be scanned L^S times, where S is the number of sectors in the chain and L is the number of links in each sector..

Three sectors away, two links in each sector.
2^3 = 8 database queries.

It grows exponentially - try 6 sectors away, with 8 links in each sector.

8^6 = 262,144 scans through the database!


What if you could reduce that to 1024 queries? - Now you're listening.

This builds upon a theory I have devised. It should reduce the load on the server DRAMATICALLY, by simply starting at both the start and end point.

What happens is the branches off of the start sector are all recorded, with x being incremented each time. Then the branches off of the end sector are recorded again, x is incremented each time. Sectors are scanned on each of the fridges(The sectors that are the ends of each of the branches, this is the actual sectors, not links), and when both the beginning branch and the end branch have a fringe sector that matches, you have your link.

This is assuming that x isn't incremented beyond the maximum amount of supported jumps. If that occurs before you find a matching fringe sector, then you obviously need to upgrade your fighter bay

I'll add images when I get around to breaking out MSPaint

 Jun 6, 2006 - 12:41 am

Title: Man, so awesome!

Three days ago I had my massive LAN party. At peak, we had 30 people there, 34 computers on the network, and 5.5TB on the DC hub!

Next months event is promising to be so much bigger; 9 have already registered to come along, with signups being open for only 2-3 days.

I skipped out on the drivers license to do it another time, since I hadn't had much time to studeh.

 Jan 3, 2006 - 11:30 pm

Title: Movie Scrapped

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to scrap the movie. I'm just too young to get a 30 minute movie created. Maybe in a few years..

 Dec 15, 2005 - 5:47 pm

Title: The working life...

School holidays have rolled around. I'm busy working my ass off, working 8 hour days to finish up my Fonza Media Platform. I'm actually taking a break, waiting for my backup to finish. My main 40gb drive is wearing out, it seems. Tomorrow I'm going to make my 200GB my main drive from the backup I do today. *Sigh*. Quantum Fireballs are very reliable This lil' puppy has really stood up to some beatings(Such as being shipped around the world), and has transferred a few petaflops in it's lifetime(I'm a power user). Now, I delegate that responsibility to my Seagate.

The Fonza Media Platform is going to rock. Just give me two weeks, and everything should be done to allow me to release version V1.00.

It's not really designed to make money. It was, at first, until I realized that it wouldn't make much. Right now, I'm hoping it'll make enough to cover the hosting bills, and then some.

On other news, I'm making a computer company called FreedomPC, which will import computer components and other electronics into New Zealand. I'm going to be undercutting all the other businesses on about 20% of the items out there on the market. This is where all the profit from Fonza will go.

 Dec 5, 2005 - 4:06 pm

Title: A Developer's Life

Hey guys,
Yesterday, I sat down and suddenly felt motivated to continue working on my latest project. It's called Fonza, or the Fonza Media Publishing Service for full. The idea is that you can publish and sell your own media through the internet; like music, movies, novella, photos, anything that can be stored digitally. I've even got a small plan for a liscensing program, so you can accept paid registrations to your website by using Fonza to sell the serial keys for your website. It'd probably use something like SOAP to allow your website to communicate with Fonza's servers to verify the 4096 bit verification key. What can I say? You need security in this day and age.

Anyway... got a bit sidetracked there; Programming is a lot like writing. You've got to motivate yourself to write the next two-three pages of code. It's also a bit of an art. Everyone has their own different style. I'm so used to writing code in my own style, I almost have a bit of trouble reading other people's code like the AAT source. The AAT source is so compact, whereas my style is much more spaced and easier to read.

Sometime I'll show you the difference. Other developers will know what I'm rambling on abouts.

The movie is on hold for about a week; waiting for school to finish before I think of anything.

 Dec 1, 2005 - 2:53 am

Title: AAT Movie Storyline

The AAT movie's title is probably goin to be:

AAT: Genesis
Alien Assault: Genesis

I'll have a community vote at

It's not going to be groundbreaking, but it's going to be some honest work, and should look reasonably good. The major problems to overcome are going to be:

$0 Budget
No professional actors

It'll be a 30 minute movie, hopefully the first in the series. It'll be on sale for $1.00 US per view(i'm planning on paying the actors with a % stake in the profits generated from the movie). A 10 minute teaser version will be released for free through Fonza's Media Delivery system. The 30 minute version will also be released through the same system, but will have a pricetag associated with it.

Am getting a proper video camera, so that means the movie will be high quality.

Storyline scripting has begun; the individual scene-by-scene scripts aren't being started on yet, same with the character profiles and setting details. Actors are busy being lined up, i've got a buddy lined up for the co-lead role. I need a camera man, 3D graphics designer(doesn't really matter where you are in the world for this one), and some extra actors - everyone but the graphics artist has to be in New Zealand, in the North Shore area or able to get to the north shore area.

I'm also commencing work in digging the information out of the blogs and adding it to the wiki!

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 Nov 27, 2005 - 11:50 pm

Title: AAT Movie & SPAR7AN's blog

Hey guys!
Work is commencing on scripting of an AAT movie. It'll probably be a combination of 3D and RL, The general story being worked out by me currently goes like this:

Two 15yr olds, on Earth, before the Alliance breaks off from the Federation. They're in the Suburbs. Actual filming will take place in Auckland City. They'll be trying to get into the Federation Armada, to fight in space. 'Cauze it would be cool and they'd like to go for the adventure. They manage to get on the ships. Each gets assigned to a different Battlecruiser in the same Flotilla.



 Nov 24, 2005 - 12:21 pm

Title: Exams are finished! Wahoo!

Finally, my exams are finished. I tell ya, I feel sorry for the people in grades higher than me - they get three hour exams, whereas i only get like 1 hour exams. Oh well.

So, I've got promission from Tarnus to make a AAT Movie. I'm busy fiddling around with Maya, trying to see how well i can learn it

I also got my first client looking for a custom computer today. Was pretty cool. I think he's in the bag, just got to wait and see.

 Nov 6, 2005 - 5:36 pm

Title: AAT Movie

Hey people!

Have been doing some thinking about a possible AAT movie. It really depends if tarnus will allow me to create & sell AAT related content - I might throw it up on my service that allows people to sell "grassroots media". I'll tell ya guys more about that later.

Right now though, I must get back to my classwork. Yeah. My school has recently been upgrading their computer network so it's faster than a snail, and you can actually browse reasonably well.

P.S. Does anyone know people who are reasonable at C++? I'm trying to learn it with a specific application in mind, but I cannot seem to find the correct information.

 Oct 31, 2005 - 11:52 am

Title: Strategy #1

Hey peoples, just thought up a startup strategy based up on what Lucky Starr did - I call it gating.

Instead of needing a colonist port, ya build a planet that is a realspace away from a federation colonist port, and then transfer loads of colonists to that. Base the planet, get a ship with a larger hull, then either:

A.) Transfer more colonists to the planet for B
B.) Transfer all the colonists off of that through warp links. Make sure you can destroy these warplinks!

Then, destroy that planet, or keep using it as a waypoint to transfer colonists. Be careful - destroy warplinks as soon as you've seeded the planet. It shouldn't be so risky if the game has just started, and if the bounty system is working. A good player should be able to seed about 30 planets in 10 minutes, which is all you really need.

 Oct 20, 2005 - 12:31 pm

Title: Pity

Well, it's a bit of a pity - the only backup of the AAT Wiki was ... corrupted. Events like these are increasing my need to punch something. The Wiki is up, it just has nothing in it, and has effectively been completely reset. I can't believe I was so stupid as not to check the copy.

Alas, I'd like everyone to pitch in and create an article. Just make on something you know, post or pre 0.3, doesn't matter.

Located at:

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 Oct 19, 2005 - 1:11 am

Title: Wiki temporarily down

The AAT Wiki will be temporarily down while I switch the domain to another webhost. It'll be up soon, sorry for the delay. Got too much other stuff happening.

 Oct 17, 2005 - 12:40 pm

Title: So, I was...

So, I was looking through some domain names, and came across: "".

Needless to say, it immediately reminded me of Rasti. I was sorely tempted to get it for him as a present but ... i'm kinda not rich . Oh well.

Other news, I'm pretty tired. Excited for 0.30, because it's going to usher in a new AAT age of activity. Yehaww!

 Oct 8, 2005 - 11:33 pm

Title: Hehe

A quote from Spartans blog:

I read Big's blogs recently, I bet my deaths would have been doubled if he had joined main *shudder*.

Nah, your deaths wouldn't've been doubled. He would've been aiming for people much higher than you.

Yes peoples, I'm alive! I'm hibernating, waiting for 0.29/0.30 to come out so i can get bad grades and play the game all day

 Sep 21, 2005 - 1:17 am

Title: Perfect Irony.

Well, looks like Rasti is in the line of fire of a new hurricane - Hurricane Rita. Lends a new meaning to the saying "What goes around, comes around."

It'd be better if the hurricanes missed all AATers, though

 Sep 17, 2005 - 3:37 pm

Title: AAT Rankings

I've decided to create an AAT Ranking system, point based. The top 20 people in each game/tournament get points; first gets 20, whereas 20th gets 1. This will only include statistics from certain games, like the main and the tournaments.


 Sep 3, 2005 - 7:40 am

Title: The Project

I took some days off to start some Homework projects I should be doing; but, I put a good hours worth of work into the Project today, expanded the number of functions to 64, and now 8 of them actually have code behind them; a triumphal moment was when I created one function by stringing several basic functions together.

The Project will probably end up being around 200 functions, since there's just so many actions and things to take into account. But, once that's done, it should require only a small amount of logic, maybe, 100 lines for a basic start, up to 1000 lines for a fully intelligent one.

Can't wait for this puppy to go live!

 Aug 31, 2005 - 11:34 pm

Title: Moment of silence...

A moment of silence/respect, please, for those who died from Katrina. Latest estimate puts it at 1000-2000+.

 Aug 31, 2005 - 2:14 pm

Title: New Orleans...

Well, it looks like a giant boot has stepped on New Orleans and ground it into dust. Seriously. It looks like hiroshima...

Wonder if Rasti will still be happy?

 Aug 27, 2005 - 11:06 pm

Title: The Project #002

The Project is coming along, slowly but surely. I've mapped out nearly 40 different functions, although only 4 of them actually do anything as of now. It'll probably span from 100-200 functions when finished. The logic hasn't even been started, since I'm trying to build a comprehensive list of functions. After all, it'd be pathetic if the Project just sat there and did nothing.

I'm planning to map another 20 functions by this time tomorrow.

 Aug 27, 2005 - 4:12 am

Title: The Project #001

The Project has been started today; it might never be finished, it might never work, but the Project should be interesting to use when or if it is complete.

Currently, I have defined some of the dozens of functions i'm going to need to build; after that, I'm going to have to build the logic behind the Project, so that it functions smoothly and efficently. And finally, I'm going to have to put all the pieces of code together in a ordered way that befits the Project.

I'm also toying with the idea of different threads being run at the same time; after all, four is generally better than one. I'll try to make each thread specialize in a specific task.

 Aug 25, 2005 - 2:22 pm

Title: Yeah

Yeah, Big vs Big would be so messy. It'd take about 10 seconds for Big to be podded .

I've got a few ideas for the tourney, although they're likely to make the server's hair fall out completely.

Here's a tourney idea:

Big, in a Pio, with no cash, debris turned off, vs 50 other players in maxed excels in a 10 sector universe with fed space turned off.

Can you say... Draw? !

 Aug 4, 2005 - 10:51 pm

Title: A bit of AAT history

Langel, the person is probably shooting ahead through planetary interest.

If someone wouldn't mind, could they possibly expand that entry out and give it more fat?

 Aug 2, 2005 - 5:18 pm

Title: i'm still alive

Yes, i'm still alive. I actually do read the blogs, they're the only thing keeping me visiting AAT. Not enough time to play the games, so yeah.

Feel free to email moi, I do read my email . And my private messages, so that'll work too.

 Jul 17, 2005 - 9:29 pm

Title: *sigh*

I have finally resigned myself to the fact I'm going to have to really put a lot of work into my project to actually get it to work. Starting, of course, with a complete rewrite in another programming language.

Now i just need to learn that language.

 Jul 2, 2005 - 10:37 pm

Title: Subliminal messages

Ever heard of subliminal messages? The "mind control" malarky?

Well, I don't know about mind control, but they definately work. Yes, I made my own and tried it out - for a good purpose... studying for tomorrows science test.

I did a bit of research, and using an opensource recording program with a few others, I managed to add a few subliminal messages into the music that a normal human cannot hear... but...

Something has got to explain why I was about to recite 75% of my science notes that I'd put into the song word for word.

The idea behind subliminal messages? Put them below your hearing range, -30 DB or lower. This means that the subconcious part of your brain picks it up(or so I'm told), and yeah...

Unfortunately, this means they could be anywhere - heck, you could be hearing one right now without even knowing it! My ones had music over them so I would have something interesting to listen to it, but if someone didn't, they can influence you pretty well.

Note though, this isn't "reprogramming" the mind, and you shouldn't worry about low-grade MP3s doing anything to you, since they filter out anything you cannot conciously hear. The real problem is in WAV files, and other lossless music formats. This makes them big and bulky though, but I'd rather have that than fail my science test.

Now, I've just got to rig up a way to broadcast music to my enemies(and, a different song to my teammates. Can you guys take a hint? Just joking...).


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 Jul 1, 2005 - 5:25 am

Title: Hehehehe

Finally decided to bring my private AAT server online for my new code mods. Yes, its 0.21, but you don't know what I'm modding.

Note to all: It's open, but please do not sign up since it is for development. Anyone caught on it will be deleted.

 Jun 28, 2005 - 4:01 am

Title: The wonder of the internet.

Have you ever wondered how the internet actually works?

Well, as you know, or atleast, will know, is that information is stored on your harddrive as a series of positive or negative marks(forgot what they actually are called, electrons?!), and a batch of 8 will make up one of 256 different letters, numbers, bytes, digits, or pieces of information. so 00000001 could be "A" for example.

Newho, the internet is actually basically just little flashes of positive or negative energy passing through cables. After i'm finished writing this, It could easily reach up to 3000 different little blips of information - which, are called Bits. Eight bits make up one byte. Each hour literally trillions - no, quadrillions of bits of information are transferred, all over the world.

So, for the AAT page to download, it transfers around 100,000+ bytes of data. or 800,000+ bits. This means that in the 10th of a second or whatever it takes for the AAT home page to load, your computer has recieved nearly a million little blips.

Now, imagine 100mbit internet connections - this means 100,000,000 of those little blips a *SECOND*. A OC192 connection transfers at 9.953 Gbps. This means 9,953,000,000 little blips of information every second. That means you could download a GIGABYTE a second. Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Whats more, is the Lambda Network in the US can transfer at 50Gbps, or 5x the speed of the OC192. Imagine having that for an internet connection.

It takes a bit to appreciate the technology we have today, but when you do, it really blows you away.

Also, please remember this is information I just gathered while researching for my website, CompuTek, and could be off by a bit, but probably not much.

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 Jun 26, 2005 - 2:34 pm

Title: Cookies...

Cookies, the infernal little scrounge of the internet. I've spent the last three days working my ass off to get my project up and running, but without cookies, it ain't going nowheres. You'd figure since it shares a name with a tasty treat, it'd be a treat to work with.

*SIGH* Back to notepad...

But before I do, just a comment for ryanrulez or whatever he is now:

You're just opening old hostilities. We all mutually agreed to stop bashing you, and forget everything. OM got up those ranking's 'cauze he's a brilliant player.

All I have to say.

 Jun 21, 2005 - 12:25 am

Title: AAT wiki...

Well, looks like PJ got around to putting in the link in the link bar. Great news for me, and it was pretty exciting hearing that it was on's front page. Now i've just got to figure out how to work it properly.

Right now, though, my life has mostly been taken up trying to build a PHP engine capable of becoming a proxy, for a project i'm doing.

Thanks to all those users who contribute to the wiki, by the way .

 Jun 18, 2005 - 1:37 am

Title: The wonders of CSS

The wonders of CSS. CSS is awesome for layouts, recently i've been using the Macromedia MX 2004(had it for a long time now) suite, and Dreamweaver is piticularly impressive. I have no knowledge of CSS, but using the intuitive interface is in Dreamweaver pretty easy, and I learned from the Dreamweaver generated CSS

All I can really say is Dreamweaver is like Front Page on steriods. Speedy, efficent, and shiny. Currently, i've managed to build some CSS boxes(with colour coded borders) that change to red on mouseover. Pretty difficult to do with javascript, but with CSS, its blindingly easy.

Note, though, that Javascript has its uses, it has lost to CSS in the page layout arena. Javascript just can't compete, because CSS is designed for these types of things.

Another prop to Dreamweaver is it generates the HTML according to the 4.01 Transitional standard. For those who don't know what this means, It's like a version of HTML, the basic building blocks of all websites.

HTML 1.0 was very basic, and was pretty hard to do anything with. This was mostly for doing headings and links, back when the Internet consisted of about 100 research documents. Gradually it has evolved, and you get versions like HTML 4.01 Transitional, Strict, etc.

In other words, props to both Dreamweaver and CSS!

For those who want to see what i was talking about earlier with the boxes changing colour: - wave your mouse over the boxes and they'll change to red.

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 Jun 14, 2005 - 1:34 am

Title: Yay!

Yay! Got my first beta of my small game i was making out.

Total development time: 8 hours


Oh, but you need an invite to sign up, don't you... I'll see about handing some out for the next few weeks...

 Jun 12, 2005 - 3:15 am

Title: Intro...

They're cruel, they're heartless. Emotionless, tireless, and fearless. They move, fight, trade, scout, build, and make war continously, overwhelming foes by the sheer speed and efficency of their actions.

Sounds like a cool intro, huh?

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 Jun 6, 2005 - 1:49 pm

Title: I'm very disappointed in all of you.

Firstly, lets just say I'm very disappointed in all of you.

Nomic here has been working his heart out on the wiki, and no one else has bothered to post in it. Tut tut.

Just so you can get rid of your guilt():


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 May 27, 2005 - 2:31 am

Title: Finally got

Finally got that digital camera i've been wanting. I guess my parents knew what to get me, because I constantly reminded them of what i wanted.

Just restarting my computer to let the drivers take effect...

Coming Tomorrow: Walk with me, PT 1.



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 May 26, 2005 - 4:50 am

Title: Its my B-DAY SOON!

In around 10 hours i'll offically have turned 14.

Hopefully, I'll get that camera i've been hoping for constantly... I have a few plans that I think you guys'll love.

Due to the feedback i've been getting over PMs for the low-bw template, I will add it to my to do list. But my to-do list is very long, mostly for - a PHP proxy that has been proven to speed up loading times Beta testers have reported it chopping off 20+ seconds off of websites .

Oh, and congrats on PJ for getting the servers up so i could post this before my birthday.

The greatest irony, is I leave for school at 8 AM my time. I turn 14 8 AM, my time.

Great news, huh? I turn 14 when i leave to go to school.

 May 14, 2005 - 2:25 am

Title: Thinking

Thinking of creating a super-low-bandwidth template thats pure HTML... no images. For them dialup users out there.

 May 12, 2005 - 12:07 am

Title: AAT Wiki

Heya guys, just dropping a line to y'all about the AAT wiki, in the case you guys missed the P.S. in my post

A Wiki is an online website that anyone can add/modify content. Its great for creating dictionaries, articles, etc. And it'll be perfect for AAT! We've got a nice history that i'm sure people will want to know about.

Here's the link:


It's hosted on my hosting, so yeah

I believe you have to sign up to change stuff, not sure. I'm just using an opensource wiki.

I've started a few little articles, feel free to add in some stuff, etc. I'm WikiAdmin on it, i think.

G'luck to y'all!

 May 10, 2005 - 2:10 am

Title: Well

Well, i'm on a new server. I'm experiementing with mines. I'm going to keep a private tally on what i've managed to do with X mines, and lets see how it turns out

 May 4, 2005 - 4:20 am

Title: Internet? What Internet?

The internet situation in NZ is desperate, but is steadily getting better. About a year or two ago, 256kbit internet used to cost 60+ NZD, and you had a 1 gig limit. Once you are over that, you're paying 0.20c (NZD) per megabyte.

Fortunately, things have gotten better, but not quite as good. Naturally, this turned my thoughts on how to improve the internet situation in New Zealand, and Eurika! Http:// was formed . Just waiting for the servers i'm renting to be set up by a friend before I enable signups

And, no, it's not like AOL's "TopSpeed" or Orcon(New Zealand Internet company)'s Dialup Accelerator. this baby works and is pretty impressive. Currently, i have Stats disabled, so you don't see the statistics on the front page of that website, but if you did, it would report that there has been a 2000%+ percent speed increase. naturally, this is a bit swayed, since the file i was using was almost optimized for this kind of service.

Enough chatting though, i can't wait for the tourney!

P.S. Setting up a small Wiki for AAT, will be hosted on my hosting, so... yeah - For those who don't know what a wiki is, is one. Basically any or all users can edit and contribute to articles.

EDIT: Got the wiki setup!

Gotta get some sleep now... *yawn*

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 May 3, 2005 - 4:19 am

Title: Hmm

Hmm, it seems that the output for AAT is very unoptimized. PJ had to enable GZIP Compression so that their T1 line wouldn't mess itself; it was maxxed out quite a bit .

Seems like after AAT .30 is released, we need to assemble a group of people who can optimize the code and output to reduce this kind of bandwidth waste. Something i've been wishing for a loong time. You try playing AAT when your connection speed is 128Kbits(16Kbytes) per second.

P.S. Whats phase two? *sigh* here we go again....

 Apr 27, 2005 - 6:45 pm

Title: Hmm

Hmm, I have a serious problem with this tourney. The problem is thus: Not enough time. My life is getting really hectic lately, so, I'm unsure if i'll be able to play.

Don't count on my playing... All I can say, sorry guys.

 Apr 26, 2005 - 5:28 am

Title: Uh huh, uh huh.

I'll play in the draft tourney. But, honestly, there will be better picks than me Consider me a double edged sword. I can both help yer team, but I will only be able to play 4-6 hours a day.

And, no, I haven't linked my profile.

 Apr 22, 2005 - 6:00 pm

Title: Fakecajun's blog.

I just read fakecajun's blog, and nearly fainted. My school's computers are, well, barely worth the name(Kudo's to whoever can figure out where part of that sentence came from. HINT: Movie). They have 128KB of memory, maybe a few hundred megabytes of HD? I dunno. Additionally, it's also run on Novell. It takes 3-6 seconds to load the google homepage, and way more than 10 seconds to load a search result.

Somehow, I think that Unreal Tournament 2004 wouldn't be able to go near my schools computer. Maybe if you linked every one in school together, you might have enough to install, and play it. Now we just have to work on that graphics card...

 Apr 21, 2005 - 12:34 am

Title: Unfortunately..

I can't play in the tournament. School starts on the 2nd of may. No point. *sigh*

On other news, I'm delaying my "Comeback" till later on. Found a game and am playing it, probably going to get bored of it. *sigh*

P.S. Wow, my blog has 2211 views didn't know i was THAT special.

 Apr 10, 2005 - 1:58 am

Title: Spymaster's Challenge

To challenge myself, I have decided to build an empire using spies.

Yes. No attacking(Except in self defense - IE: they attack my ship, Of course i'm going to nova their ship as it leaves the sector). Selling information, spying, and building is all i will do.

So, come next friday, you guys shall fear the unknown.

 Mar 30, 2005 - 1:25 am

Title: One must truely think about it...

We have an amazing online community. What community is so free and open? What community, I ask you, is prepared to embrace everyone from all nationalities, all ages, and treat them as equals?

I can answer that: Alien Assault Tradewars.

Over the time I've been playing AAT, I've noticed that people are accepted with open arms. When they behave like jackasses though, they're rejected. Perfectly understandable. But there has been NO racial wars, etc. With the exception of the nations tourney... but what community can organise something like that?

I made the nicest dinner tonight...

a perfect salad, with the best dressing i've ever made, plus some amazing fish. I'm just that good. Contact me for more information

 Mar 24, 2005 - 7:30 pm

Title: AAT history & help

Recently, i've been turning philosophical, so uhh, yeah,....

Neway, yesterday I came up with the amazing idea:

Maybe the PHP people amoung you will be familier with the PHP Documentation group. They have created a huge helpfile for PHP(absolutely invaluable). I use it quite often myself. What's stopping us from doing something like that for AAT? We could actually even make an entire Wiki...(we'd have to monitor who can edit it though...) It would be amazing. I can host it 100% free on my server if you guys need....

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Mar 24, 2005 - 7:33 pm

 Mar 24, 2005 - 12:51 am

Title: Thoughts and feelings, PT 1

You know that phrase "You never know how wonderful something is until you loose it?" Well, I think I've proven it wrong. I have been living in New Zealand for three years. The other day, as I was walking home from school, on the field, I looked out across a deep blue and gorgoeus(I'm fully aware I spelt that wrong. Langel, where are you!?) sea, with Rangitoto(pronouced: Ran-Gee-Toe-Toe) Island in the background(Incidentally, it has an extinct volcanoe(LANGEL!!) called Rangitoto on it..), with a little pure white sailing boat in the middle of the sea. This is paradise.

It is paradise because I can get up in the morning and walk down to the beach. It is paradise because I can look across a valley and see hundreds of trees with houses poking out of them. Paradise is everywhere.

The air is pure. Fruit grows in abundence. I have delicious fruit every morning. I live in a society that accepts me for what I am. Not what I should be.

Actually, that last line was a complete misstatement. Society in itself is a grouping of people whereby subconcious peer pressure is constantly applied. Brushing your teeth(Not saying you shouldn't, because it has little known health reasons.) is forced upon you.

Anyways. New Zealand is a place that I call home. Everyone calls somewhere home, but New Zealand is my home.

If anyone disputes that, they are wrong. Our enviroment shapes who we are.

(P.S. you can close your mouth now )

Have Dialup?

 Mar 18, 2005 - 4:08 pm

Title: Nations Tourney

The nations tourney sounds like a good idea, but maybe we should change it a lil bit.

I recommend having a ladder system with teams - you have teams of a certain amount, etc etc.

 Mar 12, 2005 - 5:58 pm

Title: Luckystarr:

I'm in the suburbs of NZ's biggest city, with a million people...

I don't hate americans, i just dislike them, when i speak to someone usually i don't mind them and soon become their friend - but let's just say bush sets the wrong example for you guys.

 Mar 5, 2005 - 1:19 am

Title: Howdy

Hey guys, still without my internet. I didn't realize how much I hated Telecom(govt. organization that controls DSL in NZ) until it takes them two and a half months to flick a switch. GAHHHH!

Just writing to say i'm alive and everythings okay - busy embarking on a new scheme soon, should work . Cya guys, take care, and don't forget to watch your back I will be back!(eventually.. *sigh)

 Jan 30, 2005 - 12:12 am

Title: *grumble grumble*

Bleh. Forgot to tell you guys i'm moving. I disappear and find out Moonraker has used my idea. *sigh*

I hate moving.

EDIT: Sorry about accusing Moonie for stealing my idea, he actually didn't - I searched up my idea that I posted on the forums and while they overlap a bit, they are different.

Am a bit sore that i'm not in it lol. This moving thing has really ticked me off, what with my power supply going out of commission and the internet being shut off for two weeks. Yeah, I'm sorry I leapt to conclusions. I'm also at an internet cafe. G'luck Guys(And girls!)

P.S. this new layout looks HORRIBLE at screens with low res. absolutely horrible.

EDIT2: Gahh! Neway, turns out I was in the qualifyers - I'm not sore anymore...  but I missed it.

Maybe I'll get a chance in the future? Hmm.

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jan 30, 2005 - 12:47 am

 Jan 12, 2005 - 11:26 pm

Title: Competition!

Hehe, "n00blet" is the funniest word. Neway, I thought of the funniest competition.

To adopt the most n00blets as possible.

N00blet Definition:
One who's profile was created after you. You can tell this by their Profile ID as seen in their Profile URL.

N00bmaster definition:
One who has adopted a n00blet.

1. One n00blet at a time.
2. The n00blet is released from the n00bmaster's care when the n00blet posted a comment in his/her's n00bmaster's profile saying the n00bmaster taught him/her a lot, et cetra, and when the n00bmaster has posted in the n00blet's profile the n00blet's strengths/weaknesses, what could be improved.
3. You can't adopt someone who's busy with a n00blet. This rule is very flexible, and if you PM me, i'll see about letting ye adopt a n00bmaster. Then you can be a.. er... n00bmastererer.
4. N00blets and N00bmasters are only recognized when they are on the list.
5. To adopt a n00blet you must PM me and i'll add it to the list.

Nada. No Thing. Nothing. Just the satisfaction to know you helped a few n00blets along. No cheating guys, we want to keep this honest.


Naturally, I'll adopt a n00blet first
N00bmaster -> N00blet:
Neongreen -> Ingenias

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Jan 12, 2005 - 11:30 pm

 Dec 31, 2004 - 3:22 pm

Title: Back in the Mainstream

I'm back in the mainstream... uhh... main, that is. Its really weird because trading is amazing - i was earning a 1250C profit on a single unit of ore each run at this trading port. Time is my friend lol

Anyways, I wonder if anyone will notice who i was?

 Dec 29, 2004 - 2:11 am

Title: Whoa!

Whoa! Due to the nature of the tsunami, I've posted links on all my websites telling people to goto:

This website has lots and lots of information. Remember, New Zealanders can call the helpline: 0900(or 0800?) RED CROSS

Some really scary images:

Jeeze! This is just before the Tsunami stuck, it actually <i>sucked</i> the water out of that river there! Well, atleast, i think so, correct me if i'm wrong

This is like a before shot of the one before this that shows you how different everything looked.

More here:

Entry Edited 3 times - Edited on Dec 29, 2004 - 2:27 am

 Dec 19, 2004 - 2:05 pm

Title: Phasers back!

Just a brief note, was talking to phaser - he's back! but for how long, I do not know...

 Dec 19, 2004 - 3:48 am

Title: Merry Christmas!

Yeah! Lets give eachother a large pat on the back, its CHRISTMAS TIME! YEAH! lol... just waiting for my purty LazerTag guns from hasbro - i cant wait!

Sloppy joes get eaten

Rasti, consider your statement quotified!!

Just don't drink and drive this christmas - you will become a sloppy joe, and you will become eaten. I Really do not want to log onto and find someone saying they've been in a car crash...

On a positive note, uhh... oh, yeah, christmas! new year!

Another reply to Rasti's well thought out blog: I personally do not have any sort of faith, but in theory i'm catholic.

Gonna put up some great Xmas decorations on my site for christmas... gonna have snowflakes, etc etc ... pity I had to redo all the comics(don't ask - they were horrible) so I'm only gonna have around 10 on my website... a real pity.

Cya at my website!(Http://

edit: 1100 blogs! go AAT!

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Dec 19, 2004 - 3:54 am

 Dec 13, 2004 - 1:37 pm

Title: I Agree

I agree with ramasi, i was just doing that 'cauze i was bored, ryan annoyed the heck out of me, and someone asked me to(a friend... i'm loyal to my friends you know)

So, let the trash talkin stop I thirdify that notion

 Dec 12, 2004 - 9:15 pm

Title: haha @ ryansuckz

haha, ryansuckz doesnt realize that since rouge(yet another nickname - since rouge is for woman ) is completely unrealistic, and unstandard, and too easy, its not listed in the profiles.

But Ryansuckz can bank on his score being very low - him being dead in the end and all...

 Dec 9, 2004 - 3:31 am

Title: Dun dun dunnn...

Ryan doesnt seem to understand that Oakman was on the Vikings server to prove a point... To kill Ryan.

I can say that Oakman proved that point with ease - after all, he killed him like 3 times, took a break, announced to everyone they had a day to kill him(he stripped his ship down to defenselessness), and everyone failed.

So, he went on the warspree - and found Ryan in about 20 minutes... Which is really amusing.

Seems Ryan doesnt get the point. Ryan is a horrible player.

Just my six cents.

 Dec 9, 2004 - 3:11 am

Title: About the Tourney

About the most recent 3 team tourney, I would like to give some feedback on my relatively unknown friend, Ingenias, who played with me.

I noticed him playin on my server when he held the top spot, even though i couldnt beat him back down. He was a machine - creating thousands of planets.

He reminded me of Fiveyes.

I ended up inviting him, praying Phaser could also be on my team - alas, he couldn't, and with an unfortunate dropout, it was only me and him. I really did a whole load of work in the beginning, but then, as time progressed, and i had less time for the tourney, Ingenias's true skills started to show(They needed a tinsy bit of tuning towards a tournament setting, though) He was a machine, creating planet after planet, base after base.

He, in essence, was the key to our victory. My score was only so high in the end because we used a special Score-Increasing trick, of which i'll fill ya in on later.

So, if you want to have him on your team for a tourney, or just for fun, he's a great team player. Careful though, he tends to get carried away tending (Pun)

Now, onto the special Score-Increasing Trick.

My team gained 200,000 additional points in score for doing absolutely nothing. Just note this: I dub thee maneuver the Neon Maneuver #2(First being the nova bombing trick)

Okay, for examples sake, assume that player A has 10 points of score, and player B has 5 points of score.

The score is calculated based on square roots.

So, if Player A balances his score out with player B, so they're exact, they'll actually raise their teams score!

Lets do the math:

5x5 = 25
10x10 = 100
Add those to up to equal 125

125/2 = 62.5

We'll just assume it came out to 62 for this.

Now, assuming both players balanced their networth(Networth is Score x Score, or Score squared), it comes out to 7.87(Rounded).

Now, those scores, added up, will end up being 15.74. The original scores would've been 15.

That difference can get quite large when your dealing with millions.

So, if that clock is ticking down, and your team score needs a little boost that you just simply cannot provide, this is the way to go.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Dec 9, 2004 - 3:11 am

 Dec 8, 2004 - 8:41 pm

Title: You don't care?

You don't care?

Well, then why are you still here?

Ok Neon you bitch, I DONT CARE.



(If you want to see Neongreen's blog, you must swear to make to take the piss out of Neongreen ON EVERY GAME)

Odviously, as you can see, Ryan has a bit of a coherence problem. This probably stems from his 9 year old intelligence, and use of the 'Caps Lock' key.

Interesting fact:

Ryansuckz(pet nickname for the aforementioned newbie) has managed to spend 23,000 turns getting 403k score. Eventually, after begging people for money, Ryan managed to capture 3 planets(I had about 50 by this time, and I had a way higher EER) Then, being pathetic as he was, he lost a third of his planets.

One day ryan, you will mature. Until then, you'll be laughed at.

EDIT: Fixed a few figures.

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Dec 8, 2004 - 8:50 pm

 Dec 7, 2004 - 12:28 pm

Title: Special Message for RyanSuckz

Ok, first.

1.If I did a poll saying -
How would you rate Neongreen?
-Hes ok
-Hes a real son of a ***** and needs to be taken out

I'll choose Hes a real son of a ***** and needs to be taken out.

Because he takes the mickey out of me, all that **** about my blog entries and he takes the **** out of me just because I've been a 3 year pro, using non-aatrade relating games, which are a good image of aatrade but nothing to do WITH.

Can someone **** this son of a ***** out of ****ing alien assualt traders?

EDIT: Neongreen, if you come across my ship, you'll see a message ON IT.

(If you want to hear it now, it is "I give no S***")

Heres your special message:


 Dec 3, 2004 - 12:41 am

Title: lol

Ryan is so amusing - firstly, he plays on the newbie servers(ya know, the ones where you can make cash by just wishing it, and you don't have to work at all), of course, this probably decreases his score level.

Neway, with oakmans second kill on him, its pretty funny ^_^ What ryan doesn't know is that he's playing against the fifth best player in the world. Ryan will probably rank #300/#100 if he played, lol.

anyway, his blog posts are a grind to read, because they're talking about something that no one on this server wants to hear about. lol.

So, i suggest he either play on real servers, and NOT beg for money(like he did when he started the main). This will probably make his blog posts more interesting, and will reduce the number of players hunting him for sport.

After all, if oakman can nail him three times in 48 hours(podding him), then this ryansuckz has lots of work to do.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Dec 3, 2004 - 12:44 am

 Nov 20, 2004 - 6:02 pm

Title: Haha.

Big... a "good player"... more like someone who is incapable of building planets and needs several builders to back him up so he can actually play(This being the dead "presidents"), is actually quite laughable.

Now there is less than 24 hours left of the main tourney. And it hasn't been the most exciting round this time, but the dead presidents did what they was suppose to... To win this round. Well I know that the tourney isn't over yet, but a lead on 14M points (app. 2/3 of the teams points).

Looking back at this round I have a few comments to some of the players who has been in it:

Nixon (Oh that's me): Scaring deathly as always

Whasington (Satman): U did use your knowledge as always well. Not much of a challenge this time, but we delievered enough to pull this one. Thanx mate for making your part to that the dead presidents still is undefeated.

Ingenair: U play too much like a neongreen-clone. Sad to see.

Wild Angel: Nice to see U in top 5

Neongreen: Even with your limited means you did make it into top 10.

Slim: A promising player to watch in the future. Still got some rough edges.

Oakman: I guess U dont play to win...

Max and Vicious: U looked so strong in the beginning. Glad mI made "Halflings" out of you very early or else you might have been a serious threat to the d.p.

Hellboy (Diablo): Second tourney in a row I kicked U out of the game. Might there be a strike three?

TD: My only member and pres. of the BBB fan-club. Sorry about the three kills. Since U seems to take aa longer break from the game, I just wanna add -" Thanx for the games so far, U have showen true sportsmanship" RESPECT

He pokes fun at me, and not slim, when ironically, SLIM is the one who lost most of the planets he took to Big. same with the Donald.

That is the funniest part - the ones he was able to trample over he commented on favourably, when the ones he never managed to quite kill he poked fun it.

Notice a pattern? Big is just simply insecure and feels the need to poke fun at people vastly superior to him.

So, let us take a few moments in silence to wonder how exactly Big even thinks he's good at AAT.

By the way; AAT aint about the scores - its about the fun you have. So, big, please stop leeching off your teammates and play properly.

Big also probably tried to insult me because he got several novas up his arse - and, hell, he made so many excuses it aint funny... I'd even watched his behavior for three days. Please don't tell me he was tired and came from a christmas party three days in a row? Yeesh.

EDIT2: Added quote.

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Nov 20, 2004 - 6:16 pm

 Nov 19, 2004 - 1:20 pm

Title: For our friends.

I've noticed a few people quitting, and I would like to say... goodbye... since these guys were VERY good friends. We were united by a common interest: AAT.

Well, heres a list of all those who i knew quit. I have missed some, so please PM me with their names...

Fiveyes - Champion builder, really great friend. We will miss you!
Keith - Great friendly guy, just kinda worried 'cauze he was over 50 yrs old, and he suddenly just... disappeared >=(.
Bovine - Stellar player, and was helpful to everyone he saw.
Future Breed Machine - It was a shame we couldn't get the story finished. t'was really a shame.
The Donald - a friendly player, kinda a bit crazy though
Kayosoni - Crazy banker Too bad he left...
Max Griwswald - Yeah, I took a few lousy shots at you, but yeah, g'luck, enjoy life. We'll always be here.
Numenor - Never had the pleasure of playing with ya - But I hear ya were great.

So, to all those listed above, let us say goodbye, come back someday!

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on Dec 5, 2004 - 2:17 am

 Nov 16, 2004 - 11:44 am


Neon wrote in his blog:

Whats the point of the Thunderdome? Attacking other ships. I had max. He was almost dead. You know what he did? Cowardly just Self-Destructed. Then he prattles on about how the first two kills wasnt counted. There was no point in me playing, and max is a game wrecker.

1. Almost having is not to have at all.
Especially when U stays in sector 1 without using any turns.
2. SD might be a way to say no chance to win, and will wait to the next.
3. No point??? Then don't. We others love it, so I guess U don't mind we do.

To me it is a coward who stays in sector 1 and and don't come out  and then loggs out. Like U Neon right now. At least Max apparently did came out to play "The TD-game".


I was staying in sector one because no one was online, and i didn't feel like playing against a ghost. If i had killed max i most likely would've had enough money for repairs, but i didn't have any chance of killing anyone else.

Note that i have never come OUT of sector one, i have never even bought a ship. I figured i may as well keep my account till some other time because i had done nothing on it yet. I did come out to play "The TD-Game" - i hunted down max, ruined his ship and my ship in the process(abiet, it wasnt as bad on mine as on his by a mile ) but if no ones playing... the game is a empty universe.

Don't get me wrong, i love it, but if you spend like 30 minutes tracking someone, novaing him, and then just before you attack him, he SD's. I bet you wouldn't be happy.

So, next time, get your facts right before you post. It helps, trust me.

 Nov 15, 2004 - 11:46 pm

Title: Max Griswald.. the ultimate coward.

Whats the point of the Thunderdome? Attacking other ships. I had max. He was almost dead. You know what he did? Cowardly just Self-Destructed. Then he prattles on about how the first two kills wasnt counted. There was no point in me playing, and max is a game wrecker.

I talked to tarnus about this, and he added in that if you SD while someone is online, you loose 150 points. Maybe he should also remove max's thunderdome privlidges, since odviously, the wimp doesn't know what the thunderdome is about.

 Nov 12, 2004 - 4:24 pm

Title: Hehe

Hehe, ya know, yesterday, i managed to break into one of Bigs sectors on the tourney. Oh it was great, ya know, while he was offline. But as soon as i took a planet, he went online and i fled. He took the planet.

I thought nothing more of the incident till at night, later that night. I thought to myself the following very interesting thoughts:

"Big walked right into that sector and took the planet while i was online..."

"So maybe i'll do it again, and nova him this time?"

"Yeah, that's what i'll do. It's probably not gonna work but..."


Anyway, me and Ing demolished the SD around one sector and left a planet as bait. It took awhile, but big came online and waltzed right into that sector. And i promptly sent nova after nova right down that tunnel it was crazy! I managed to land 3 right onto his ship too.

I was later informed that i did over 15 trillion crdits worth of damage to him, and knocked off a quarter of his score. My costs? An estimated 100b.

I've got a headache from the adrenaline rush, lol. And i'm dizzy.

 Nov 10, 2004 - 2:52 pm

Title: HEHEH

Hehe, that thunderdome server is actually pretty good just hop onto the chat whenever Tarnus Harten is on and you can join in... lol...

Anyway, one quote that will drop you dead with laughing:

[Tarnus Harten] 9:48 am: LOL I novaed my self
[Tarnus Harten] 9:48 am: sector was a mirror

Yes. Thats right. Tarnus actually managed to nova himself - by mistake. The sector linked to itself, and tarnus saw that it had a ship in it. Nova time.

Another funny quote:

[Tarnus Harten] 9:44 am: followin 50 trails that lead to 1
[Bovine] 9:45 am: me too

 Nov 7, 2004 - 3:42 pm

Title: Hrm

Hrm, Vicious doesn't like my style of leadership does he? Well, lets see; I would post the plan from the forums but it would reveal too much of what me and Ing are doing. I did tell Vicious that i consider him a n00b to this game, because he hasn't had as much expierence as some other players.

Vicious should learn that the plan only loosely covered what was going to happen. As i told him before, we're a co-operative. You can choose to do what i say, or not, but i'm speaking from expirence. Theres a reason why the old natives always obeyed the oldest person in the tribe, because that person had the most expierence.

Actually, I never intended to offend Vicious. Neway, his teams doing good and I hope they don't burn out like i've seen other teams do previously.

Oh, and another point: The plan only covered the first day or so, with snowballing orders. The rest of it was a guide, like i'd said so much previously.

I hope you do well Vicious, but don't blame me when things start falling down. This is one person that won't listen.

*Walks away humming "The London Bridge Is Falling Down"*

 Nov 7, 2004 - 12:44 am

Title: Vicious.. .the Quitter

Well, this is pretty funny. A fool i was to trust Vicious in the first place. Neway, since he decided to leave the team, i'll be needing a new teammate. Preferably of the attacking kind.

Suggestion: Don't ever trust Vicious.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Nov 7, 2004 - 12:45 am

 Nov 4, 2004 - 11:00 am

Title: 1000 Mark!

Aatraders has broken the 1000 profiles mark - i think i was a tiny bit late posting this

 Oct 31, 2004 - 11:17 am

Title: 994 profiles

Wooooo... Nine hundred and ninety four profiles! You know what that means.... 6 more and we have One Thousand! hmmmm

 Oct 28, 2004 - 4:06 am


LOOKING for a teammate for the tournament. Said teammate will be playing with me and a n00b i adopted - the n00b has excellant building skills, but not much attacking. Everyone knows what i'm like

Use any of the contact options to contact me.

EDIT: Its okay, found a teammate

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Oct 28, 2004 - 3:20 pm

 Oct 16, 2004 - 6:57 pm


Well, i must now tell everyone about this website: Http:// - It's a very special one.

Its mine.

I'm pretty proud of it - it represents the columination of my success as a website designer, and currently it reigns in 100 visits a month.

You may not think that is very good, but having just broken the 500 visitor mark to me, is brilliant. I feel proud about this website's success, and i've come to share it with you guys.

The website, is, well, a community website. it has games, comics, and photos. And, naturally, a forum.

So, I urge you to go and check it out! And thats not all, if you like it, there are many things you can do. You can donate through paypal, even 50 cents would make my day, and you can also tell your friends about it, or you can even just add it to your website.

Heres the link again: Http://

Cya at the cheeseplace.

 Sep 26, 2004 - 8:20 pm

Title: 970 Profile accounts!

Yeah! I have been following the amount of profiles registered, and i would just like to bring your attention to the current total:

Nine hundred and seventy profiles.

Now, most of you would think, so? I think "Only 30 more profiles to go!"

I say we have a celebration when 1000 profiles is reached

 Sep 14, 2004 - 5:03 am

Title: I suppose i was a bit harsh.

Okay, i admit, i'm trying to blow the top player out of the sky. Not helping much 'cauze he's got a firm stranglehold on place #1... I think i fixed it because a few people are gonna be loosing a buttload of cash soon... hehe... just WATCH his score absolutely plummet... hopefully.

Read the shoutbox and apparently a few of the players were commenting that i was hurting the smaller players and not the top player. My response, as a kind and caring admin is: Too bad. This is the oddball server - one of the quirks is that I try and shake it up a bit. No longer will depending on one type of income be safe. I admit I was very stupid when i did the original settings, and I'm really making it wierd on this server. Nothing is safe... Bwahahaha!

Now for those of you who need more comforting, here we go: If you've managed to hold on this long, your a pro player. It gets less and less skill based as the scores soar, so every month i'm here i will bring down the top player by shaking up the settings. If a player manages to hold on for a very, very, long time, kudos to him Except Igneous, I helped him wayy to much in the beginning by telling him that planets rock this server

 Sep 12, 2004 - 4:15 am

Title: I threw them a bone.

Well, No one ever would expect this. In the shoutbox on the oddball server i shouted "Syscom Alert: Abrupt Settings Change." Thats all. And you know what i did? I went into the settings and REALLY fiddled with it. Planets are almost completely useless now, hehe... They'll have to find out another way of zooming ahead in scores. The reason i am confident that planets are useless is that i've set the organics consumption rate so high most of them will starve soon. That compiled with the fact that colonists reproduce so slowly it aint funny, and with escape pods costing 10b each, AND with nova bombs being unbuyable, should make people confused.

What should happen, in theory, is that all the people who are 1st, etc, should suddenly start loosing score - currently their economy is based entirely around planets. Shame for them. As the name should hint, this server is really, really, odd

 Sep 3, 2004 - 1:51 am

Title: Whoa

Whoa, fun on the Main server!

Phaser didn't want me to join his team since the bounty rules wouldn't apply to me.

Let me tell you its amazing how many planets you can find on that server. Millions. Its so fun its crazy!

I started with 200k score today and i ended up with over 1m. and i've got nearly a dozen high-cash producing planets.

I've killed 2 people, and shot down 4 ships Killed Dark ace - i asked him never to touch my planets again. I took one of his. He took it back.

I asked him if he knew who neongreen was(i was under alias) and his reply was "Neongreen can kiss my ass". Now, usually, i would let that stand. But now, i killed his ship and then killed it again. Details to come in the future

 Sep 2, 2004 - 8:40 pm

Title: Dictionary

Often I find new players have no idea what i'm talking about, so therefore I will build a list of shorthand terms and their meanings here. It is by no means complete, as I will continue to add to it, but here it is:

SG Sector = Sector Genesis Sector - created by using the Sector Genesis Torpedoe

SG Torpedoe = Sector Genesis Torpedoe - creates the SG Sector

Fig(s) = Fighter(s)

Dig(s)/Diggies = Dignitary, or Dignitaries plural

Excel = Excelsoir

Pio = Pioneer

'Cargo/SC = Super Cargo

Razor = Razorback

Endy = Endeavor

Colos = Colonists

Indy = Independant

RS = Realspace

EEF = Exact Efficency Figure(I think this one is wrong, PM me if it is)

M = Million (IE: 10m)

B = Billion (IE: 10b)

T = Trillion (IE: 10t)

Quad = Quadrillion

QT/Quint = Quintillion

S = Sextillion

K = thousand

SD = Sector Defense

Creds = Credits

Pod = Kill someone who doesn't have an escape pod, which means that person is killed permanently.

 Aug 22, 2004 - 3:07 am

Title: Fast Oddball Server Online

The Oddball server has been reset to become the....


The settings will be different, and the game will be very fast paced. Join today!

 Aug 21, 2004 - 5:46 am

Title: Rolling Heads

Heya guys, just wondering around dazed. I'm busy working on a Scavenger/Spymaster technique for the main game...

On completely other unrelated news, i'm going to advertise my website to you:


Yeah, go to it... daily

And on related news, my AAT game is resetting to provide an overall fast tournament. The settings will evolve over time, as each day I will make slight changes. Suddenly those planets might not work as well, but that would take a week.

Its resetting tomorrow, link: Http://

 Jul 28, 2004 - 11:14 pm

Title: Year 3007 - Federation\Alliance wars.

The FSS Dormant was on patrol. Meaning, that it would sacrifice itself to spread the word. On it was about 400 Federation volunteers, Including the Supreme Admiral himself.

"Stay in this sector, I've got a feeling about this one." The supreme admiral commanded to his navigations officer. It had been a long war to get to this point, but in that intuitive sense of his mind, the one that everyone claimed was telepathy, it screamed that this was the place. The Council had fought for him to stay. But he reminded the council about the numerious times he had been right. There were, naturally, rumours that he used his 'telepathic' sense to influence his way into supreme admiralship, but they were wrong. He was appointed by the council because of the intuitive sense, sure, but it was because he was able to base his opinions on almost nothing, and win.

"Sector locked, monitoring and transmitting stations are online." His navigations officer cut into his thoughts with the standard message. Yet his thoughts drifted. He was on the small outpost that recieved the message, nearly eight years ago. It was a time of terror. He was working the communication stations, because of an embarassing debacle with his girlfriend. Life was so confusing, but when the message came through, he recieved such a shock, he was never the same. The Supreme Admiral thought that this might be what created his 'telepathic' or intuitive sense. But, the main part of the telepathic sense, was that it could be -

"Sir! We have a non-federation vessel approaching from the sector! It reads as alliance. Ship class: 40, Ship type: Columbus. Weapons are not armed. They are comm'ing us!" His thought never finished, he turned his mind to other things.

"Hold your fire. Send no transmissions, record all comm messages, and display them on the screen!" His orders were briskly efficent. He had known, but he could not daydream right now, as the screen was building up the holographic image of the person on the end.

"Greetings, Supreme Admiral. I have studied your battle plans, and I hoped you would not fire upon this ship. I carry over 300 people on this ship. We have chosen to deflect from the alliance. I also carry the designs for the secret warp editor, so blowing us up will meet your failer as a supreme admiral. Thermopolis out." Thermopolis looked stern, blue eyes and red hair, a typical alliance face.

"I accept your deflection. Do you wish to be escorted to the nearest colony? It would take awhile for the replacement to arrive." The admiral saw this as the only way to bring those plans in, so he took it eagerly.

"Lead the way, I have plenty of time." Thermopolis said.

And his thoughts started to wonder. He completed the thought he had started beforehand - His telepathy could be distrupted by energy beams, and it would be disrupted permanently, rendering his career useless. Looking at the warp gate that Thermopolis had come out of, he saw a technicoloured lance of light chase the ship, and it missed.

But it hit the bridge of the escort ship, not disabling it, but everyone recieved a shock. Including the Supreme Admiral.

****Took me awhile to write. Hope everyone enjoyed the story. Thanks. I'll get around to editing the third timeline later. Any of you guys like the Asimov Foundation books?

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 Jul 15, 2004 - 10:52 pm

Title: Langel! Don't kill youself!

I read your blog, Langel, and I just want to take this entry in my blog to tell you something:

You're committing virtual suicide.

Eating only two meals a day is okay, even if it is exactly not the healthiest. Having only vitamins and water is very bad for your system as it needs solid food.

Half the fat in Macdonald's food is through flavourings. If you miss out on the tomato sauce, mayo, and other sauces, you can reduce the fat content by half. This goes for most other foods.

Personally, I don't understand people when they are trying to be as thin as a pin. By changing your diet so suddenly, your body feeds off your muscles, and then your fat. You're ruining your body. Having a small bit of fat isn't going to kill you.

By being active, and slowly changing your diet, can you loose weight safely. Eat 5+ fruit and vegetables a day, eat red meat once a week, fish about 2-3 times a week, and drink 8-12 glasses of water a day(Try not to drink 12+, as that can actually harm your system). Always be active after meals. (EDIT)Try to have a big lunch and a small dinner.(/EDIT)

Hope you take this advice to heart.

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 Jul 14, 2004 - 2:59 am

Title: Storyline #2

Here is my revisions/thoughts:

2705 AD - With the Dayge threat all but eliminated, the Federation began to reconstruct its war shattered worlds and peace reigned supreme in the universe.

2724 AD - A post war population boom has caused mass famine across many Federation worlds, almost all of the hard work rebuilding civilisation in the stars is about to be shattered in one swift blow.

2725 AD - The Federation commission the Alliance to continue their work on Project Eden, work begins slowly but tremendous progress is starting to be made.

2730 AD - The Great Famine is now at its peak, entire worlds are being wiped out and the death toll is even reaching near the total for the enitre of the Dayge War period. <B>Some colonies are revolting - becoming independant. The Federation realizes that taking back these worlds is pointless, as they would have so many revolts the federation would tie up half of its fleet.</b>

2722 AD - Alliance scientists create the first human made world in the blink of an eye, they name this Earth v.2, the Federation Congress vote to drop the v.2 from the name for many still hold warm memorys of earth. This is the first contrast in policy with the alliance on record.

2730 AD - With the new Earth a success the Federation order that many new worlds be created and terraformed by human settlers. This is the start of what will be known as the great migration and the birth of the Federation of a million worlds. The results of Project Eden become known as genesis devices, as biblical referances are now far to obscure for the public of the mainly atheist Federation.

2807 AD - Human numbers are florishing once more, with mankind now seperated out amongst the stars food becomes bountyful and the great famine slowly comes to an end. The Alliance become increasingly arrogant and believe themselves godlike in their power to create and sustain life from nothing.

2813 AD - The Federation and the Alliance cannot agree on the correct policy of use for the Genesis devices, the Federation wish to control the use of Genesis technology and use it to expand their empire, where as the Alliance believe that this power is god given and should not be abused as such. In essence this is the seperation of the <b>economic sector</b> *Alliance* and the <b>military sector</b> *Federation*. From now on relations rapidly degrade. <B>Many point out that this is almost a repeat of history</b>

2878 AD - <B>Number of worlds created by the Federation with the Genesis devices reaches 1,000,001.</B>

2903 AD - The Alliance suddenly disappear, taking with them all their secret Genesis technology, the Federation awakens with a rage and scours the universe for any trace of the Alliance, Unknown to the Federation the Alliance has secretly organised a millitant Jihad amongst the most out lying colony's of the Federations one million planet empire. Due to time delay in interstellar communication the Federation learns of this too late to act.<b> Many more planets revolt and become independant</b>

2937 AD - The Alliance lacks power in ship to ship combat stakes and as such eventually lose most of their early gains amongst far out colony's to the Federation Battlecrusier Fleets, despite impressive and swift victorys the Federation Battle commanders can find no trace of the illusive Alliance stronghold.

2943 AD - Joint Dayge and Alliance strikes appear from nowhere and then disappear back into nowhere, no trace can be found of the raiders.

2961 AD - A Federation probe picks up a warp signature leading off into an uncharted sector, this is identifyied as a non-federartion ship. This is the first real clue into the disappearence of the Alliance.

2974 AD - After initial exploration teams failed to return, half of the Battlecrusier Fleet prepares to enter the uncharted regions of space, what they found on the otherside was death. an enormous Dayge/Alliance fleet is just inside the unchartered areas of space, only 258 Battlecruisers out of 25000 limp back to base.

2976 AD - A permanent fleet presence is established around the uncharted zone, containment of the threat is the only current option with Federation forces severely weakened. All raiding partys coming out of the zone are destroyed on sight.

2983 AD - Heavily armoured planetary bases are set up in the surrounding space regions and Battlecruiser production centres created to reinforce the fleet. The Alliance and Dayge also fortify their space zones and a dead lock is formed. No-one can go in or out of the uncharted zone.

2987 AD - The Alliance begin work on a project to allow them another way out of their self imposed prison. Great Alliance scientists begin the foundations of warp editors.

2997 AD - Millitary build up on the Alliance's part increases 10 fold, it appears that something is being planned for the new millenium. A time of change and new starts.

<b>3000 AD - A secret stealth ship, designed by the now increasing Scientific might of the Federation, slips past the mines and ships. They arrive just in time to see most of the Alliance/Dayge fleet warp away. They frantically send messages to all known outposts, their element of stealth forgotten. Most messages are intercepted, and the stealth ship itself was torn to shreads. But one message manages to bearly reach an isolated outpost, which is then relayed to the Federation planets in an ever increasing circle. The Federation become a hive of bees. Millions of probes were launched into deep space, hundreds of ships were sent on searching missions.</b>

****FBM, the hundreds of ships must break away and become the traders in your next story. It is crucial. I'm starting to write short stories for each event. Cya, post soon , PM me with storyline details****

 Jul 13, 2004 - 1:49 am

Title: About the Oddball Server

Hi guys, just to let ya know, i dont go in and change the game settings without Tarnus's promission. Nor do i delete players.

I noticed Dowhat at the top for awhile... was a bit curious. I dont have much time to manage that server, so someone shouldve contacted me. If someone had i wouldve begun looking into player Dowhat earlier. I did and... surprise surprise! He was sitting in an excel, 24 QUAD on him, and a lvl 40 hull. I dont approve of that... at all... So, I notified tarnus and he told me he was a cheater. Little did mr. Dowhat know that he was destroyed and banned off the server, and i emailed a message at him... i think i used a bit too many harsh words in the email, but i tried to be polite as i could given the circumstances. So, im sorry Langel. If you had used some more direct means of notifiying me i would have nipped him in the bud.

Thanks to all those players playing on the oddball server.. hmm... seems strangely balanced....

i need your criticism on the oddball server, email me at or PM me! Please! I want to see whats making that server balanced, and i want to duplicate it with more oddballish settings!

EDIT: Well, this is wierd, after typing in Neongreen in google, i found this:

It is a ranking report for about 2 hours before Big self-destructed.

Very interesting with google can Cache(store in its memory files) Neongreen is a name i always use; that was the 5th time i found it on google.

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 Jul 11, 2004 - 5:45 pm

Title: waiting

i'm just waiting for FBM to finish with his second part so i can help him with that

And, for the tourney, I would just like to say Thank You to phaser for allowing me to continue. Phaser did most of the work in the beginning. Other than that, it was a great tourney and i learnt many new techniques. MAYBE someday i'll share it with ya bit im sick right now(sore throat, blocked nose, headache) so i dont really feel like typing much more.

 Jul 8, 2004 - 3:36 pm

Title: Expanding. Contracting. BOO!

2100 AD - Earth finally at peace, all major superpowers agree to get along in the spirit of the good feeling at the start of a new century.

2159 AD - As relations begin to deteriorate between Eastern and Western civilizations, the western bloc consoldiates into the (insert name but will be basics of FED) and Eastern Bloc splits into two large fragments. The secretive (insert name) and militaristic (insert name but base element of kabal)

2378 AD - Full Colonization Of The Moon Territorys with majority of land under the control of the western allies.

2384 AD - Conflict erupts due to territorial ambitions of Eastern alliances and the greed of the Western empire.

This is FMB's basic timeline that i'd like to expand on.
2159 AD - As relations begin to deteriorate between Eastern and Western civilizations, the western bloc consoldiates into the Feyderation and Eastern Bloc splits into two large fragments. The secretive Alliance and militaristic Dayge(Pronounced Day Ga, ONLY name i could think of feel free to change it)

Maybe you should have it that the Western Block splits into the Feyderation(Or Fed) and also the alliance; who fund research and development into exploring the galaxy. These will then become, well, us, the people flying around in voys

So, here is my timeline, built on FBM's, maybe we can carry it around the community, everyone adding their two cents to it.


2104 AD - Spys discover that almost every nation is arming their nuclear weapons for some unknown reason; they sell the infomation to all major superpowers. Perversly, All the major superpowers agree to get along in the spirit of the good feeling at the start of a new century, but that is probably not the real reason.

2159 AD - As relations begin to deteriorate between Eastern and Western civilizations, the western bloc consoldiates into the Feyderation and Eastern Bloc splits into two large fragments. The Alliance, who have a friendly alliance with the Feyderation, and a peace with the Dayge. Also, the militaristic kaBel, who hate the Feyderation, and are neutral towards the alliance.

2378 AD - Full Colonization Of The Moon Territorys with majority of land under the control of the western allies.

2381 AD - A riot on the moon leads the Feyderation to believe the KaBel are responsible for it.

2384 AD - Conflict erupts due to territorial ambitions of Eastern alliances and the greed of the Western empire.

2391 AD - The Dayge devote a large portion of their research into space technology to build ships that would allow them to capture all of the Human Territories.

2413 AD - The Western empire secretly terraforms mars, and is in complete control of it. They secretly build designs bought from the Alliance in their shipyards.

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 Jul 5, 2004 - 11:43 pm

Title: Irony?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Yeah, i was on 3m score points! yay! lol... except that the Tombstones took my base. Dammit, its changed hands THREE times now, for christs sake!

Now im under 1m. Taking a little break, selling off some infomation, etc etc.-

 Jul 3, 2004 - 5:00 am

Title: Cap'! we have Incoming!

Well, everyone thought i was out of the tourney game for awhile. But i knew everyone would try to kill Big, so i scouted everywhere, and found many of his sectors. His self-destruction was a bit of a shock, but other than that, i soon looted them and gained much score.

Well, looks like i'm back in the tourney, because Big had taken my base before, but i just went right in and took everything back, i am building everything, using my secret techniques ive developed during this game.

Good luck! maybe i shall squeeze into the top 5

 Jun 28, 2004 - 2:35 am

Title: Hah!

Figures. I get a massive Cultural Diversity project and i'll do dutch. Then i figure out that Phaser is dutch!! Fun!

Oh, and in honour of that occasion, i renamed our team in the tourney - go check it out! lol

 Jun 23, 2004 - 4:34 am

Title: Hmm

Hmm, I was reading Langel's blog to discover that she had misinterprated the message I sent her.

I was just curious how she happened to get such a high score. I was not accusing her of anything and i know she is a really hardworking player. I said it was unbalanced as in she was at like 1000,000 points and the guy below her was at like 400,000

Also, when she complemented me on the wierdness of the settings, I said the first line of the message which was "I just went through the settings and decided what could be changed."

So Langel, sorry about that I'll try to reword my messages so they are more polite. Hey, I even proof-read this

P.S. I think i DID find a way to cheat in the game though, LOL.

 Jun 15, 2004 - 4:26 am


Hey all of you! I want YOU to go to --> Http:// <--

It's my website, basically just a once-a-day one-stop-shop kinda thing

Okay, enough advertising

Okay, everyones choosing trading, planet building, and attacking as part of their blog. Moi? I'll choose spies, and bases, thank you very much.

The Art Of War - Part 3 - Defensive.

Bases. Oh, everyone has bases, from small 1 planet bases, to 500 planet bases, with the latest protection methods. Well, i'm here to change that; with all the counters to attackers, and countermeasures to defense. Thats right; everything you need to know about bases is right here.

The Front Sector.

A basic base will have 5 planets, all dedicated to supporting all the fighters guarding the sector, with mines.

However, an advanced one might have the addition of probes, or... nothing.

Yep, you heard me right, they might have NOTHING in their front sector. Then, you click the Full Scan button... to reveal a massive row of several hundred ripe planets for the taking. Yet, each of those might in essance be a base in itself. The beauty of having nothing in your front sector is everyone should pass by it. Except, watch out for Fakecajun. He scans; he's plundered and destroyed 2 of these such bases. Bah!

Of course, you could go another step and have the first sector branch into two others, one of them being a decoy with a reasonable amount of mines/fighters. the other... nothing. Except, now if you proceeding into the second one, you would find a flourishing base... but the costs are prohibitive.

But when building a base, always operate on this assumption: It will be taken one day... and you will hurt them badly.

If you have a base with SG sectors, you could have a planet or two dedicated to sector defense, with high stats; then have the rest of the sector layered with cash planets. The more sectors you have in the string, have the juicyier ones in the back, so they really have to fight for it. Have backdoors if you want; they make for fun snipering! But i have what i like to call the Independant Trap Sector... Somewhere along the line(if i can afford to upgrade the rest of my planets to high levels so they dont go Independant), i will let a planet go independant. This makes it hard for the player to get through. Instead of 10,000,000 fighters, there is 28,000,000 fighters! !! And the planets will be vitually worthless to the person!

Im sure you want to end a entire string with a sector fulled with top-notch indies, i suppose that would drive people crazy. Have branches in your SG sectors that you have nothing in, drop 5 mines here and there, probes are good too. When they capture your base, you want them to get little rewards and you to really piss them off.

Spies: a fun method is to put 7-9 spies on a planet! The person will go crazy scanning for them, because he'll never pull a straight 10.

Since we are assuming you cannot fight them directly, lets mess with their minds. Lets make it so they subconciously never want to mess with you again. Lets deter them in everyway possible.

Join me next time when i actually go into details.

 Jun 13, 2004 - 4:23 pm

Title: Muahahha!

Okay, so the cat was let out of the bag into this weedy garden(look at langels blog youll see!) and yeah, i set up the oddball server. PJ was really kind with that, muhaha(even though i think i broke it twice :/) and i urge you all to play, if not only to loose your sanity, to just play

The beauty of the server is it has... 2000 sectors... with an average of 10 links per sector.. HMM... and guess what? The galaxy doesnt expand. You heard me right... umm... it doesnt! And... the galaxy size is 10x the size of the default lightyear number...

So, yeah, i just want to say, i really, really, hope you enjoy playing on this server... But warp editors are a good idea ya know!! !!

 Jun 13, 2004 - 4:00 am

Title: And of course!

Oh my luck! the ENTIRE game was reset... oh well, currently holding second

You know what ive been wanting to do for about 4 months now? Take lotsa cash and just build the biggest base ive ever seen, with 1000 planets!

And thats exactly what im going to do.

Ive given up on the chase, because there are other pretty efficent traders that are gonna come and trade their <CENSORED> off!

So, im going to create the biggest base ever made.. hey, i might want to build a base that holds 5000 sectors and 25000 planets - i believe that would be a record... if only i had the time and energy to do that

actually, earlier, i was planning on getting me and a few buddies to base and take control of every single ore port in the game, but naww... too much effort!

The oddball game will have 2000 sectors
and from the looks of it, its gonna be... well... odd
I know something else about it, but i want ya guessing, and ill ask PJ if i can reveal it sometime

Langel: its i g b, (inter alactic bank), not 1 g b... just noticed you kept making that mistake and thought you might want to correct it ^_^
I've already got a few ideas for the odd-ball server!

for example, this was something i attempted to do on the .14.1 fast server awhile back when it had 2000 sectors - make a one way link to EVERY SINGLE sector in the game!! FUN! Then i'd be able to track every single person's movements throughout the game! and for kicks, i could send down a novabomb or six...

Now, for private reasons of my own(and ill leave ya guessing), i want you ALL to try out the oddball server when it comes online... its prolly gonna be so funny!!! !!!
Remember, email for all trauma cases relating to the oddball server! We guarantee... well... to listen but umm... not to advise! YES THATS RIGHT! If you email now, you can get utterly ignored...(RAMBLING)Okay, maybe i shouldnt of done that... lol(/RAMBLING)

Good luck to all!

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 Jun 12, 2004 - 6:54 pm

Title: How Irritating!

This is so IRRITATING! I can't access the server admin might have to reinstall it... but its only gonna happen about 4 hours from now!! !!

Meanwhile, the other guy keeps getting a lead on me, with every 5 minutes that go by, he gets nearly 10b and im stuck with a mere 7b!! If i can trade a route every tick, then i can ramp up production to 17b/tick and eventually(hopefully) overtake him...

Pity about that.. but since the IGB can only hold nearly 9.2quint, bases are eventually going to have to be established! that means fighting! finally! the only problem is, its going to be with level 40 ships!

I'm currently planning a massive maze that should be hard to penatrate... i'll try and get back to you on that.

Meh! i want in on the top 10 blogs! :'( oh cruelness!

 Jun 12, 2004 - 4:04 am

Title: Dammit...

Thats right, im back - and on a server with potential for massive scores... therein lies the problem, its all done through IGB.

Had i known about IGB earlier, i would EASILY have top place... but now(from score calculations) there is someone ahead of me making 5 billion/tick...

the problem is... im only making 3.5b/tick :'( oh the injustice! I suppose that i will have to work my magic again, by blowing up his ship again and again... heaven help them... today i raised 800b+(he got roughly 1,200b+)

As i usually do, im taking on a team of 5(thats right, 5 vs me), sure half of them are newbs, but its fun when you have 40,000 sectors, and 6 people playing a colossal wargame. I invite you people onto the server - its or something like that.. ill tell ya it in the next blog update.

The problem is, planets wont make enough money, im barely getting ahead by trading, and IGB is the only way to go

Its 10PM and im really tired, i have to call it a night... but you must see my dilemma... ive gotta do whatever i can right now to raise cash! I just realized! i can sell my ship! the only problem in that is... then i cant trade and stay ahead of the game!!! Oh why!! WHY! WHYY!!

I actually managed to find 2 of their planets, sneaked spies on, i have 9 probes currently searching the galaxy. i think i might log on quickly and do 10 more probes... hey, it cant hurt right?
The great thing is, you have 500,000 TURNS.. and get 2,500 turns/TICK! but the only way to win is to trade, and im afraid that guy got a bigger head start on me that i thought...

I suppose a few well-placed nova's can hurt him badly... but ive gotta remedy this score somehow! I cant just sit here with a 7th of his score, forever! Meh. I suppose if i let my cash sit for a long time, and tunnel deep enough, i can beat him when he goes to spend all that cash.

I mean, its odvious he is gonna buy an excelsoir... or is he? Dammit! i see what PJ and Tarnus mean... he could just go and sit in sector 1 forever and totally own the game! Meh... maybe i should do that? 40,000 sectors doesnt appeal to me that much... oh well

 Jun 8, 2004 - 4:13 am

Title: Im back!

You may notice that ive absolutely disappeared out of the entire universe. well, maintaining my website( has taken up a bit of my time, as well as school.

I cant continue to play... yet. i WILL be back... but right now ive got my job, a evil teacher, and a website to contend with...

PLEASE drop me an email at because i really want to hear about AAT... i love hearing veteran war stories, i love hearing rants...

sorry again for the short post, but one day ill sneak into your biggest and most guarded sector, drop a few spies, and then say to you "HAR HAR HAR, IM BACK"


 May 2, 2004 - 4:30 am

Title: i HATE SCHOOL!!

Grr! i HATE school! it takes too much time from AAT!... it would make life so much easier if they could hook your brain up to a computer and youd know everything like that! *flicks fingers*

Hmm, you know what would be a cool B-Day present? a day off of school! hell YAH!!!

Sorry for the short post, Me Gotto Wun!

 Apr 29, 2004 - 10:56 pm

Title: Funny Experience.

Sometimes, you have those terrifying experiences, and look back to find how funny it really was.

One of my funniest experiences was when i was playing in the first tourney(or second?). i'd begged, pleaded, etc etc to get into the team with Tarnus in it. We were getting creamed.

Here is a full recount of the experiences:

I scouted. Wondering, scanning, and looking, for the perfect sector: a Blue Star(so it could hold 5 planets) Upgrades for the team. I found one, and immediately relayed it to my teammates. By then i had a Endeavor, the second best(maybe up to fifth) best ship in the game at that moment. Soon, i noticed our sector defense disappeared, and i noticed people were coming in. Namely, Creeperman, Kayosoni, and a few others. I smacked someone's stealth with my ship, and hit kayos. Soon, i saw a big ship jump in-system. It was a fully upgraded lvl 20 endeavor class ship.

This meant i was meant to run. I did; not in time though, i ended up smack in sector 0(it wasnt sector 1 at that time, but they changed it to 1 because of DB problems. most players refer to it as sector 0 anyway). It turns out the same day my 14-yr-old dog died... I lost interest in the game for about a week.

But before i left, i established a base on a SG in our new main base. built a small planet, and logged off.

It turned out i had about 20,000,000,000 on my planet when i logged in again. I panicked when i saw a few million fighters guarding the main sector. The main had been taken. So, i grabbed the cash, and tried to cloak. I failed. i was blown sky high. i lost interest in the game for about 2 weeks.

Lesson: 1. be careful when dogfighting with other ships
Lesson: 2. Wait, listen and learn.
Lesson: 3. Sneak out, IGB the money out, and tada!

I was an idoit at that time, and i highly pissed off Thunderball(tarnus), so now he has a special place for me in his heart; whenever he sees me, he tries to kill me even if im in bounty range.

 Apr 26, 2004 - 11:11 pm

Title: N00bs.. When Will They Learn?

This post will maybe shock most of you, and will also help most of you too... so read on.

I get annoyed with n00bs, wanna know why? Because SEVERAL times, i've had a n00b at 1000 points of score tell me to back away for a certain sector or that player will use dire vengance. It's laughable! Seriously, they will be better served to try and make friends with the top players, to learn from them, and therefore be raised out of n00bdom into vetdom

I want your comments about my posts, seriously. email me at and i'll improve these to your desires. The to paragraphs at the top was a bit of ranting; now onto spying.

My talent in this game is Spying. Yes, thats right. I do have other skills, like planet building, etc. But i must admit, i'm not up to the level of Fiveyes with that. One game he had 1200 planets down pat. *pats him on the back*

Spying is... well, fun. There's nothing like the chase, predicting their next sector, timing everything correctly so their ship gets it. Sure, you may never be the top player in this game, but heck, Thats What Its All About. Fun!!! I personally have a whole bunch of Post-its around my moniter, labeled with the username and what they tend to do. I'm not saying you have to do this, but its a good referance.

Every player has a weakness; in fact, EVERYTHING has a weakness. If you want to be a spy, That is your doctrine. EVERYTHING HAS A WEAKNESS. I cannot force you to memorise that, don't at your own discretion.

Every player has a series of weak sectors. Don't deny it; if there is a veteran looking at me and denying it, i will tell you now, your incorrect. People get lazy, since, if no one is attacking them, they start to get careless. Thats your chance. By now, you should have about 50% of their sectors.

You must time when they go offline, when they go online, etc. If you notice a pattern, use it to your advantage. When they sign off, strike the weakest sector. You have two choices: Smash down their defenses, plant spies, and then suicide a pio on the planet... OR, smash down half of the SD, nova the sector a few times, cloak in, drop spies, and destroy a pioneer against the defenses. They wont be any wiser.

One thing i stress: ESCAPE POD. ESCAPE POD. ESCAPE POD. Never leave a sector without one.

Well, *Poke* thats my two cents, mail me your thoughts.

 Apr 23, 2004 - 4:20 am

Title: Should i? Should i not? ...

Hmm, should i play in the tourney? I've been asking myself that for the past 20 or so days...

On the up side, i'd be able to play with my friends, and on the down side, well, i would be forced to enter the most fierce AAT game around...

Well, i suppose i should prove myself. Actually, i really wish to be on Tarnus's team, but life always gets in the way for me. I suppose life really got in the way for Tarnus... i mean, loosing ones parents*shudders* well, i hope they rest in peace.

Sheesh, I'm terrified of the tourney, but ive got this urge to show them i can be the best...

Hear me now, i Will come first in this tourney. i suppose writing these blogs is good for me, they allow me to just... "analyze" my feelings. Well, thats enough of me spewing junk that most of you wont want to listen to.

Actually, i have something planned for the tourney. If it works, well, you'll hear all about it, trust me, this WILL be fun

Worst case, i end up in sec. 1 with a pio, but oh well, hey, its a game, but, its one I Intend To Win.

Please Note: The team draft tourney has a IITW sign by it.

If you can figure that out, your a bright fella, lol

*yawn* i really should kill tarnus. But i have a great respect for these people:
Wild Angel
Keith(Speaking of which, where the hell is he? he just vanished on the fast server!)

You guys, well, have helped me every step of the way, by letting me learn from my mistakes, and yeah, it's been a wild time. and guess what? it'll continue to be a wild time.

 Apr 9, 2004 - 4:01 am


sorry i havent posted for quite awhile, i have been busy taking first place in several games, just read my profile

there wont be a bit until im in the mood to write. check back often.

Just a note: in aat ver 0.20+ planets are key - YOU NEED PLANETS. thats the only way!!! other than that you would die a horrible death.

 Apr 4, 2004 - 4:26 am


omg! im getting my computer back! just in time for the reset!! blarg. that just sucks. i've only been able to play part time because well, ive been doing other things like A.) plotting to get onto this computer so i can type this B.) sneaking onto this computer so i can type this C.) mourning for my pc.

You know the funny thing is, NOTHING remains of my original PC? its all been replaced! same with my dads, im not sure about my brothers... or my mothers... lol

Sorry for the short entry, but my parents are walking in the door and well, not enuff time. You understand, i hope

 Mar 31, 2004 - 11:11 pm


Alien Assault Traders - Here is a story based on the idea behind AAT. Maybe it will work out, maybe it wont.


Chap. One - The Attack

The two ships, the Executor, and the Rifledom flew in tandem, both of them were class 40 ships(endeavors ) and had a massive nova bomb in storage. At once, a nova bomb would be triggered and shot down a link. Then, the ship would disappear down another link, and soon reappear.

Onboard the Executor, Neon worriedly re-scanned the sector, and messaged Fiveyes. He owner of a massive ship so powerful it could smash through millions of fighters. Neon had discovered there were a meager 900,000 fighters left in the sector, and over 500,000 mines. He got his ship out of storage, and soon, Fiveyes powered up his engines. The massive ship started to move down the warpgate, and soon vanished into warp.

A messaged reached me(Neon) and it was a confirmation of Sector Defenses Disabled. Soon, my smaller, less powerful ship, powered up its engines and vanished into warp.

We were met by a task force of 3 ships, Two Excelsoirs and one Voyager class ship. Cincojos had fighters swarming around his ship, with incoming torpedoes and beams hitting it. I snuck up and gave the best Excelsoir one hell of a shock. I'd caught it with its pants down, no armaments at all. a third of the fighters swarming around Fiveyes lost control, and exploded.

We both ganged up on the Voyager ship, damaging it and effectively putting it out of battle. We powered away under our own power, and made it to a port that sold fighters. We re-loaded, and set out yet again to combat the Secret Service.

We arrived in the sector, and found a Voyager sitting right there infront of us. We deployed all of our armaments to destroy it, and managed to before the nova bombs hit us.

Half of the fighters swarming around the voyager were destroyed, and the voyager itself was going out of control.

The shockwaves from the nova hit us, red lights springing up from the green ones, reporting system damage and failures. Limping, we crept out-system to lick our wounds. We'd delt them damage today, but had it delt right back to us.

 Mar 31, 2004 - 10:31 pm


Players suggested i post my strategy articles here, so here we go

The Art Of War - PT 1 - An Introduction

By strategy, i mean
"The science and art of using all the forces of a nation to execute approved plans as effectively as possible during peace or war.

The science and art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale combat operations. " -

Strategy is what makes AAT interesting. For example, im a Lurker/Builder/Conqueror.

Lurker: A person who uses spies and other methods to gain infomation, and therefore meet the other person in war completely prepared.

Builder: A mass-producer of planets, usually wins in the long run

Conqueror: A person who attacks and repairs other peoples planets to gain monetary advantage.

Lets pose some theoretical questions:

You have the locations of 2 of your opponents sectors, and you have one teammate ready to help you.

Your opponent attacks your main sector, and trashes it. What do you do?

Your first impulse will to attack your opponents sectors as soon as possible. Not cost effective. Bad move.

Instead, I would wait till they are offline, and then co-oordinate a strike with my teammate to wipe out one of his sectors. Then i would plant spies on the other.

Why not destroy two? Simple: your opponent(if he doesnt use IGB) will grab his cash. You get spies on his ship, the game is basically won for you.

Of course, against a veteran, this stratagem will NOT work, because of log checking. So, i would destroy both, and leave A LOT of mines.

Your rash attacks are likely to get yourself killed, because you will be so pumped up you will loose focus, and maybe loose your ship.

Now, humans are HIGHLY predictive. For example: If someone builds bases one way, he will likely do that all the time.

The key to this game is to not be predicted. Change your methods often. Find the ones that work.

Stratagem - The Art Of War - Pt 2      

I plan this as a regular kind of strategy post, so yeah, PJ, would you be so kind as to possibly add a section on to the forums for strats?  

There is one thing i wish to highlight - Spies.

Im referring to certain people *COUGH* who do not like spies *COUGH* *COUGH*. Sure, they can be very annoying, but a few quick scans can set you up for a long time. Now, another way is to check your logs.

Spies have various options, i'll go through them, and methods of planting them  

"The spy acts only on that planet." - This option is hardly ever used by myself, because unless you really need to capture that planet, it serves no real purpose.

"The spy tries to infiltrate a ship which performs a planetary transfer, if there is nothing to do on the planet. " - This is what i usually have, each spy on enemy ships enhances your infomation stockpile. The spy ONLY dies when your enemy scans his ship, or looses it  

"The spy tries to infiltrate a ship which performs a planetary transfer, if there is nothing to do on the planet, and then infiltrate to another planet. " - I use this option if ive got hundreds of spies in this guys empire, and i am trying to get one on his money planet, or spread my spys around his empire.

So, thats the first three options done. Now onto the next ones:

Sabotage production - EEK! What use is this? :/ You can use it to destroy energy, and destroy SD, but thats all :/
Steal interest - I suppose having a supply of cash into IGB would be quite handy, but i hardly ever use this one  
Decrease birthrate - Why? You'd just be doing them a favour
Steal money - Ohh! one of my favourites. Why not grab that extra bundle of cash?
Destroy Torpedoes - This has no purpose, except if your taking the planet, and cant get out of those amazing Torp amounts
Destroy Fighters - No purpose, but if its his Supply planet( IE: he uses the figs on it to supply his ship, this might serve a purpose. Or if you are taking the planet.
Capture the planet - Ahh, here's the winner. Take the planet for no attacking  isn't that something?!?!  Use it to distroy carefully arrayed defenses, You can totally ruin SD by this method if you know how.  

Now, you'll notice i die a lot if you play with me on a team or whatever. Sometimes i die from suicide cloaking. Suicide cloaking consists of grabbin a stealth, upgrading engines/cloak/sensors, and grabbing about 100 spies. Then you attempt to cloak into their main sector, and plant spies. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ESCAPE POD! I cannot impress that on you enough. Escape Pod! Escape Pod! Escape Pod! Escape Pod!

NOTE: Be careful with this method, you can be killed if you dont have an escape pod!! :/  

Mostly, spies are important. Intelligence is key - You need to know what they are doing.

C - Cloak
L - Learn
A - Attack
K - Kill

CLAK is the key. Run up to them and start clacking. Actually, Cloak into their sectors, learn what they are doing, Attack them where it hurts, Kill them.

Straight forward? Always follow this method - it is key. I follow it when i lurk.

This is completely unedited.

 Mar 29, 2004 - 1:35 am


Lol, big catastrophe? okay, maybe not, but still... *rolls eyes* a small one.

Fakecajun wiped out my backup base. Looks like im sittin here for awhile. lol...

Well, good news is IGB is fulled up to the top for cash with me, and ive got close to 50b's on my ship

I like Tarnus's planets, they taste nice. TB(Thunderball/tarnus) leaves billions on each, so their really fun to take.

grr!! So much money, where to store it? I thought up the PERFECT place: right in the middle of their bases! ive got it spread around in 15b lots, in like 5 bases i infiltrated. Fun? Yessiry!!

lol, this reminds me of that time i was readin about Star Craft and there was this funny little guy saying that the world was crap, and said you must place 2800 of these units(zerglings) against one single unit of yours(a marine), then type in the inviciblilty cheat, and watch this little guy kill all these alien dudes. he said thats how it felt

Thats all for today

 Mar 28, 2004 - 3:31 am


Some people regard spies as "lice", some people regard them as useful, but generally annoying. But some people... some people LOVE the spies. like me

Im your average lurker, well, usually. Thats my hobby - Lurking... in the girls bathroom... j/ks. i meant lurkering, where you lay down spies to get info on the opponent.

Now, personally, i lurve spies. Spies are amazingly useful. I remember in this one game, i stole every last cred on this guys bank with spies, dropping him alot of points. Incidentally, i was 1st .

That was in the days where spies didnt use the bounty system... Anyway, enuff pining about that(hint hint pj!!)

I also had a spy on his ship, and i couldnt attack him without getting a bounty. So, what was i meant to do? I followed him around, dogging his footsteps, driving him mad. He thought i was cheating. Eventually, i just gave into temptation and blew his voy outta de sky fun!!

Spies are your all-purpose saboteurs. I use them to steal from people, to get spies on their ships, and to capture their planets. Thats all, but sometimes i get them to destroy figs and torps so i can take the planets.

Right now, in the game im currently playing(as of this report), i had a vast spynetwork involving 50+ planets, i had 4+ ships with spies on them. I knew everything.

Sadly, thats degenerating, since i havent had time to maintain it.

Oh, and did i mention i like spies? And cheese too

(BTW: PJ, im gonna call you pajamas from now on )

 Mar 28, 2004 - 3:13 am


Hrm... Have you ever wondered why these n00bs persist? Seriously, it brings back memories.

In a galaxy, far far away, a long long time ago, Neongreen was playing a fast AAT game(it was an offical), 2000 sectors, version .13 i think... not sure.

Anyway, there was this guy called Pld, and there was this OTHER guy called Tradekiller.

Tradekiller was the banker, he had like 2.5m points, the rest of us had about 1m points.

He paid me about 500b to nova the shit out of Pld's base... I nova'd it until i was out of bounty range, and then i set to building my base.

My base was my idea, and was actually almost exact in design to our modern-day bases...

So, i told him to please not wipe out my SD, because he had announced he was gonna nail all SD in the entire game for one day only...

This revealed my main base, and tada! i woke up, lost my razor in a bunch of mines. Then, i hopped in a columbus to go fetch my money, but id forgotten one thing... my escape pod. so kaboom, i was out of the game :'( oh well, valueable experience learned there Screw the big players before they screw you. Actually, remember escape pods, and don't tell people your base locations.

Next i will write about spies, and what they are good for

 Mar 28, 2004 - 12:22 am


You know, life sucks. Moonie took all his cash from his planets before i could raid them.

Right now i just want to kill someone... lol

To keep myself sane, i keep singing "The Box, by the door, aint nothin by Tarnus Shaggin da door..." over and over again.

Hey, atleast now my 50+ planets are producing several billions each every day, so now i can store my cash for the NEXT big catastrophe that will happen. Funny, eh?

Like, for example, when i started out on the fast server, i survived purely by attacking and destroying ships, and looting planets. Then i got this wierd bright idea to build my OWN planets... lol so i did so.

I found a starless upgrade port, and built a single SG, and continued to expand that one SG. I made about 20 planets in it, each was producing about 5 planets worth through micro-management.

Then, with the bounty system change, i woke up to find EVERYTHING i owned destroyed and pillaged.

I decided to hop to another sector and start over again, this time i built 50 planets in it, each micromanaged to produce the equiv of 5 planets. So i basically had 250 planets... Then i built more and more bases. At my top, i had 200 planets, and micro'd to about 900 planets worth.

So, then one of my bases fell, no big deal really. Then about two weeks later, another collapsed. Then i was sitting in my main, in my lvl 25 razor, sleeping, when i lost my main.

You can imagine the choas when you loose your main base, but this wasnt half of it. My other base went out the window about an hour later.

So i was sitting around, about 13 planets left. I wont tell you how many planets i have, or how the bases are, because then youll just come and smash them

Thats all folks! Tune in tomorrow!

 Mar 26, 2004 - 4:19 pm


Hey, welcome to my blog ^_^ Just gonna recount some very very memorable moments of my AAT history.

Well, here goes nothin:

I was walking along on the Fast offical game, and i found a sector, 351, and now with my lvl 24 ENDY, i was able to tear that sector apart. Thats right - my endy was pretty massive, thanks to debris ^_^.

A few days later i got a message that the planet i took was under attack! So, i loaded up my endy, and sneaked into the sector. Lo and Behold! the entire SS team had turned out to take this sector... i figured i better stop this invasion into my territory, and quickly ^_^

I got Tarnus to fight me, head to head. He didn't know about my massive endy, so he happily agreed. Now if you read his blog, on the 11th of february, it mentions he went head to head with an endy.

I toasted his ship, actually, it was pretty laughable

I managed to pop Moonraker's ship, damage Tarnus's, and in the end i had to destroy the planet because i had to go away from the computer

Is that funny or what? How about the time when i nova'd one of their sectors to pulp, took it, and fortified the outer sector. Then i proceeded to destroy 80 of their planets, and left nothing worthwhile except an empty husk of a base.